November 16, 2014

New installation


Ceramic installation.

By Claudia Ramírez & César Vázquez


We live in constant confusion, our surroundings aren’t always the mirror in which we’d like to see ourselves reflected, surrounded by the absurd turned into matter. The lack of understanding separates us, why do divisions exist? Where did the elements to build them come from?

In order to question the limits we distance ourselves, we take flight, heading back to the place where all these fiscal borders came from: the ideas.

When we get to the place of the ideas, it gets very noisy, you can’t see clearly, to open way not only do we elevate ourselves, we also take our clothes off, because naked all is reduced to the original work field: the body.

When we arrive at the body we find the first separation: Man - Woman.

Being the artistic process a formal method of investigation, we decided to elaborate a game establishing an imaginary border: when you cross that limit, the man becomes a woman and the woman becomes a man.

The object of study then reproduces itself in order to study itself.

The hands and the clay, generate the questions: How do I feel on one side, on the other?
What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be a man? Both at the same time? Can we speak as a whole? Where we ever androgynous? our thoughts shape the clay.

Varying in color, size and complexion, at the border of sleep and eve, woman-man we also find you naked, generating questions, working understanding.

We turn to each other and we are more, we recognize each other by carrying stick and shovel to take down ideas, build new ones. The hands to the earth, with water, shape it, the air dries it and the fire erases the limits between thoughts and matter.

Claudia Ramírez Martínez*

We’d like to thank  Paola Cortés, Irish Bojórquez , Rubén Franco, Jonathan Ruíz de la Peña, for helping us shape the differences that complement this piece.

Note: In the baking process a number of figures bursted into pieces, they remain as part of the installation dedicated to the fallen for crossing the border of the different.

* Greetings from Tijuana.